Template:Collection msg Alan Atkinson is a collector of Steam engines & classic commercial vehicles who lives in Lancashire. Alan Atkinson is one of the organisers of the Riverside Steam and Vintage Vehicle Rally held nr Southport in Lancashire. Alan runs a Trailer hire company and provided transport for the famous local steam enthusiast Fred Dibnah steam engine on his television tour of Britain about the history of steam.

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Model steam wagon in Allan Atkinson collection at southport 09 - IMG 7557

Alans 1/2 size replica Atkinson steam wagon, at Riverside Steam Rally in 2009

Atkinson ? - PTD 190G at Riverside 09 - IMG 7472

Atkinson tractor unit

Atkinson ? PTD 190G at Riverside 2010 - IMG 7636

Rear of Atkinson tractor unit PTD 190G at Riverside 2010

Wallis and Steevens roller sn 7551 Friend Richard reg HO 6459 at Southport 09 - IMG 7553

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Vehicles from Alan's collection have been seen at;


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