Akerman was a Swedish excavator manufacture.

AB Åkermans Gjuteri & Mekaniska Verkstad built the first line excavator in 1939.

AB Landsverk built its first excavator in 1945.


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In 1962, AB Åkermans Gjuteri & Mekaniska Verkstad built their first hydraulic excavator, while AB Landsverk introduced its own in 1968. In 1972, excavator production at AB Landsverk was transferred to AB Åkermans Gjuteri & Mekaniska Verkstad.(from Volvo /History)

In 1991 AB Åkermans Gjuteri & Mekaniska Verkstad became a part of VME Group.

After building excavators since 1939 Åkermans experienced engineers started working under a new brand, Volvo, in 1997.

In 1998 the Samsung Heavy Industries Construction Equipment Division in Korea was acquired.

In 1999 the first two models EC210 and EC240 were launched. They were built in the modern Changwon factory in South Korea. They were productive and reliable machines with even better operator comfort, servo-assisted hydraulics and new attachment bracket amongst other improvments.

Model rangeEdit

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Model no. Weight class
introduced discontinued Engine / Power Photo Misc info
Akerman H10BLC 22,0 ton 1985? 1991 Volvo Penta TD61 ACE - 166 hp Image needed LHB

Akerman H11 18,8 ton 1966 1969 Volvo Penta D70A - 135 hp or Scania D8 - 132 hp Image needed LHB

Akerman H16 30 to 42 ton 1971 1993 Volvo Penta TD100G - 247 to 270 hp Image needed LHB

Replaced by the Akerman EC420
Akerman 21 33 ton 1968 1972 Volvo TD100A - 247 hp Image needed LHB

Akerman H25 44 ton / 56 ton C series / 60 ton D series 1970 1993 Scania DS11 R40 Volvo Penta TD120 / 120C - 330 / 326 hp/ Volvo TID121L - 386 hp Image needed LHB

B series 1974, C series 1979, D series 1990

Face shovel option popular

Akerman EC420 44 ton 1993 1995 Volvo TD101GE - 262 hp Image needed LHB

Fitted with electronic control systems

Replaced by Ackerman EC450

Akerman EC450 44 to 46 ton 1995 1999 Volvo TD122KKE - 309 hp Image needed LHB

Replaced by Volvo badged models
Akerman EC620 60 to 62 ton 1993 1995 Volvo TD121GE - 386 hp Image needed LHB

Replaced by Akerman EC650
Akerman EC650 64 to 66 ton 1995 1999 Volvo TD122KIE - 371 hp Image needed LHB

Rebadged as Volvo model in 1996

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