Ajokki Oy
Successor Carrus Oy
Founded 1942
Defunct 1989
Headquarters Tampere, Finland
Products buses

Ajokki Oy was a Finnish bus manufacturer from 1942 until 1989 based in Tampere, Finland. Wäinö Paunu and Tampereen Liikenne Oy formed a joint venture to manufacture trucks during World War II. Later, bus production was added. In 1982, Ajokki bought competitor Delta Plan Oy, formerly Autokori Oy. In 1984, special vehicle manufacturer Kiitokori Oy was purchased, based in Kausala, Finland. Wiima Oy, another Finnish bus builder, bought the Ajokki Group in 1986, and in 1989, the group of companies changed its name to Carrus Oy.[1]

Buses were also manufactured under the Ajokki-Volvo brand as the company was absorbed by Volvo Bus. The factory is now the present Volvo Bus Finland Tampere Factory.[2]


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