Predecessor -
Founded 1955
Founder(s) Aimar, Primo, de María, Caramagnola
Headquarters Laguna Larga, Córdoba, Argentina
Products agriculture machinery

Aipridec y Cia. Soc. Col. In Comandita, was founded in 1955, in Laguna Larga, Province of Córdoba and one of its responsible was Mr. Bartolo Aimar.

Origin of the name Edit

The meaning of its name was given by the acronym of the name of each of its founders: AI-Aimar; PRI-Primo, De-Demaría; C-Carmagnola.

History Edit

According to Reinas Mecánicas book, in a dialogue with Ramón Primo (who worked at the company): "Aipridec was born in 1955, in a farm located 5 kilometers north of Laguna Larga, where the first combine harvester was manufactured in 1955. This unit was sold to a producer from Fotheringham, south of Córdoba, who had a Hercules engine and was tractioned by 6 horses, thus continuing to work to equip themselves with many heavy tools for manufacturing in the future, on a larger scale, since the same It had a lot of acceptance and that encouraged them to continue with the initiative, in 1956 they produced four, three of drag and one automotive with a front steering system".

"In 1958, the factory moved to its own building located in the town of Laguna Larga, where twelve self-harvester hand-held machines were manufactured, in 1959, twenty-six with a forward steering system and fourteen with rear steering. Super 60 "of excellent acceptance, that obtains the gold medal in the Rural Exhibition of Rosario of 1960. In that same year 10 were made for fine grains and 15 for peanuts".

"Aipridec had a staff of 120. The most important sales locations were: Laguna Larga, Hernando, Rio Segundo, General Deheza, Oncativo and Pilar. The competition of importance was Ochetti-Bicupiro. Aipridec was a member of the Argentine Chamber of Harvesters".

"As far as the peanut harvest was concerned, it was the biggest one." The difference between the manicure harvester and the mixed wheat-soybean harvester lies in the fact that the manicera had a cylinder with thick teeth and a 45-mm American type zarandón and a smaller engine, the sale of manicure harvesters reached approximately 300 units and the mixed wheat-soybeans to 80. In 1974 and 1975 no unit was manufactured". In the 1960s, it already produced 10 fine-grain automotive harvesters and 15 peanut harvesters.

Close down Edit

The factory closed in 1989, due to hyperinflation, instability in the advance of soybeans and the lack of policies.

2004 bankruptcy Edit

In 2004 a registration document 10086449 appeared whereby on 27-Dec-04, the CIKLIC DAMIAN PEDRO receiver of the Civil and Commercial Court No. 33 dealt with the bankruptcy requested of Aipridec S.A.

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