Ainscough - Liebherr crane tower crane -DSCF0310

A large Liebherr crane of Ainscoughs fleet erecting a Tower crane in a city centre site

Ainscough crane errecting tower crane - DSCF0252

Errecting tower crane with a fly jib fitted to get sufficient reach

Nooteboom ballast trailer - SCF0277

A Nooteboom ballast trailer

Ainscough crane low loader - DSCF0283

one of Ainscoughs fleet of special low loader for transporting crane parts

Ainscough Crane Hire are a large UK Mobile Crane hire company, with cranes from 15 ton to 1000 ton capacity and lift heights of 150 m with fly jibs, for working on the biggest buildings and erecting wind turbines.

Company historyEdit

The company is based in Wigan Lancashire were Ainscough is an ancient local name.

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In the 200? they took over the rival company of Crane Services, who had built a fleet of modern high performance cranes of up to 500 ton capacity.


  • Crane hire
  • Contract lift
  • crane testing
  • Training
  • specialist installation services

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