Agritec S.A.
Predecessor Fiat Concord
Founded 1988
Founder(s) 1995
Headquarters Sauce Viejo, Santa Fe, Argentina
Products agriculture machinery tractor

Agritec S.A. was a tractor manufactured by or under licensed from Fiat located in Sauce Viejo, Santa Fe, Argentina. It was founded in 1988, and disestablished in 1995. They built/assembled Fiat-licensed tractors for a short time. When the Material Ferroviario S.A. (Materfer) subsidiary or Fiat Concord was sold to Sergio Taselli, it included the Agritec brand.[1] The Agritec plant also assembled New Holland combines and marketed Laverda combines.


Agritec Tractor Models
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Agritec 100 1988-1995 101.5 hp (75.7 kW) Perkins 100 in Pesados Argentinos Agritec 100 brochure
Agritec 100 DT 1988-1995 101.5 hp (75.7 kW) Perkins 100 DT in Pesados Argentinos Agritec 100 DT MFWD brochure
Agritec 115 1988-1995 116.5 hp (86.9 kW) Perkins 115 in Pesados Argentinos Agritec 115 brochure
Agritec 120 1988-1995 125 hp (93 kW) Perkins 120 in Pesados Argentinos Agritec 120 brochure (Fiat)
Agritec 120 DT 1988-1995 125 hp (93 kW) Perkins 120 DT in Pesados Argentinos Agritec 120 DT brochure (Fiat)
Agritec 120-F ¿1990-1995? 120 hp (89 kW) Perkins Agritec 120-F - 1995
Agritec 120-90 DT ¿1990-1995? 120 hp (89 kW) Perkins
Agritec 140-90 DT 1988-1992 140 hp (100 kW) Perkins Agritec 140-90 DT MFWD


Agritec 2000F cotton picker brochure

Agritec 2000F cotton picker


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