A tractor is an engineering vehicle specifically designed to deliver a high tractive effort at low speeds, for the purposes of hauling a trailer or machine used in agriculture or construction.

The main historical use of tractors has been for tillage but evolution has seen the tractor performing a wide range of tasks, with the ability to tow or carry implements and provide power to a mechanized implement.

Early implements were just pulled along and were adapted horse drawn implements. A lot of these needed two men to operate, as one still walked behind like with the horse drawn version. The Universal tractor is not here yet and is unlikely to ever eventuate, owing to the influences of the Unimog, JCB's Fastrac, the MB-trac, Intrac, Xylon & the Trantor.

History Edit

Various Smaller manufacturers existed prior to WWII

Post War (1940,50,60's) Makes Edit

Post war boom in mechanisation.

Late 20th Century (1970,80,90's) Edit

Consolidation and rising HP, with 4-wd taking off.

21st century and the future Edit

Main article: List of Tractor Manufacturers

The Ultra high hp tractor, Quad trac, and Computer control takes off.

The Future Edit

Robotic driverless tractors running on Bio diesel, or fuel cells, controlled by GPS/satellite navigation system, from the farm office. (Experimental systems are under development at research establishments around the world.)

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Various tractor magazines

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