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The Acme Harvesting Machine Co. was formed in Peoria, Illinois in the late 1800s to build binders and other farm machines.

Acme began making their 12-25 tractors around 1918. The half-track crawler was a conversion of the wheel tractor.

Acme 12-25 1918 standard model

Acme 12-25 1918 half-track option

Specifications for Acme 12-25 3-plow tractor

HP: 25 belt, 12 drawbar (manufacturer's rating)

Engine: Beaver ohv 4-cylinder kerosene

Displacement: 382ci

RPM: 850

Transmission: 2-speed

Rear Drive: 54"x12" steel wheels or 12" tracks

Weight: 6,000 lb

Price: $1,650