Abati S.A. (Zanello Argentina)
Founded 1987
Headquarters Buenos Aires, Argentina
Industry agriculture machinery tractor

Abati S.A. produces tractors in Argentina under the Abati Titanium brand. The company also uses the name Zanello Argentina, to help relate it to the former Zanello S.A. tractors. It is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and manufactures tractors in the city of Pergamino, in the north of Buenos Aires.

Abati Titanium brochure-2004

Abati 2004 brochure


Abati began as a farm implement manufacturer in 1987, making planters, wagons and sprayers using the Titanium brand name.[1] Articulated tractor production was announced in 2003, with Ariel Zanello as a partner in the venture.[2] Ariel had formerly been with Zanello, and creates a link to the historic company, and makes Abati one of several companies touting links to Zanello. (The others being Trac-Za, Pauny and the new Zanello (ZG Trac).

The tractors are available mainly in South American countries, including Brazil.


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