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Aardvark Equipment Ltd. was founded in 1999 by Paul Beal. The Company is based in Sudbury Sulfolk in England.


Paul Beal had previously worked for M.T. Agricultural Engineering of Braintree, Essex. U.K.

M.T. Agricultural Engineering were mainly involved in building gravel carts for the land drainage industry in the 1970s & 1980s & were most renowned for their self propelled gravel carts that used 4 & 6 cylinder Ford tractors as donor skid units.

M.T. Agricultural Engineering were taken over by D.D.T. Engineering Ltd. in 1997 with D.D.T. Engineering Ltd. then selling out to F.N.H. Global in 2000.

In 2010 the company shipped its' first rock wheel trencher to Africa for fibre optic cable installation work. Gravel carts of the old M.T. Agricultural design continue to be manufactured mainly for the U.K. land drainage market.

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The range of Aardvark rock wheel trenchers is as follows
  • R.W.T. 75 S: 0.15m - 0.75m deep x 0.600m - 0.135m wide.
  • R.W.T. 75 W: 0.15m - 0.75m deep x 0125m - 0.225m wide.
  • R.W.T. 100 S: 0.15m - 1.00m deep x 0.600m - 0.135m wide.
  • R.W.T. 100 W: 0.15m - 1.00m deep x 0.125m - 0.255m wide.
  • R.W.T. 125 S: 0.15m - 1.25m deep x 0.600m - 0.135m wide.
  • R.W.T. 125 W: 0.15m - 1.25m deep x 0.125m - 0.225m wide.
The range of Aardvark tractor trailed gravel carts is as follows
  • M.T. 6 G.C. 6 tonnes capacity
  • M.T. 10 G.C. 10 tonne capacity
  • M.T. 14 G.C. 14 tonne capacity.



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