Scammell Higwayman - ASV 610 with Priestman at VET 2008 - P5170275

ASV 610 with Priestman excavator on Scammell low loader trailer at the VET in 2008

Scammel with Priestman load

Dave Weedons Scammell Highwayman at the VET site in Cumbria with Priestman excavator load

ASV 610 is a Scammell Highwayman tractor unit complete with a single axle 4-inline Scammell low loader trailer. The lorry is in the livery of Elliots of York and currently owned by collector Dave Weedon, from York.

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This vehicle was for a time resident at the Vintage Excavator Trust site in Cumbria with its vintage Priestman load, but has now moved back to Daves base at York and the Classic Track and Trucks collection of machines.

The truck is used to carry Dave's restored Priestman excavator to some events. This setup was typical of the 1960s period.

Built in 1963

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  • Photos from VET open day

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