AGCO-NEFAZ Challenger 647
Challenger 647 (AGCO-NEFAZ) combine - 2009
Model history
Model introduced Unknown
Model discontinued Unknown
Superseded by Unknown
Fuel type diesel
Power hp Unknown
Transmission type Unknown
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Fuel type diesel
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Factories Russia
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Challenger (AGCO-Nefaz)(red) combine - 2009

The AGCO-NEFAZ Challenger 647 combine harvester is built in Russia under a joint venture between AGCO and NefAZ. The combines began being built in 2009 with a tie-up with AGCO and the Challenger brand, with NefAZ assembling CKD (Completely Knocked Down) harvesters from the Italian Laverda harvester plant. In future phases, more of the parts will be sourced locally, instead of using CKDs, NefAZ will be building the complete harvesters, and building their own CKDs to send elsewhere for assembly. The harvesters are built in both the Caterpillar-yellow and a red livery, and carry the name AGCO-NEFAZ Challenger on the side.[1]


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