The AEC Militant (Milly) was produced in several versions from 1952-67 (MkI).

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The militant had initially been built by Maudslay.

Militant MkIEdit


AEC MILITANT MK1 Breakdown Tender No.1456 MR Milly Tant

Over 3800 MkI Militants were produced between 1952 and 1967. The Militant was built as both 6x4 and 6x6 chassis, with long or short wheelbase and in Left hand drive (O859) or Right hand drive (O860) configurations. The one pictured here worked for London Transport before joining National Rescue and has a website at

Militant MkIIEdit

Militant MkIIIEdit

Ready for Action - - 888557

AEC Militant Mk.III

Military designationsEdit

Main article: List of FV series military vehicles

The main version in British army use being the;

  • FV 11007 : Truck 10 ton General Service Cargo ( 14 ft ) 6x4
  • FV 11008 : Truck 10 ton General Service Cargo ( 18 ft ) 6x4
  • FV 11012 : Truck 10 ton General Service Cargo Dropside 6x4


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A number example appear at Commercial vehicles events and Military vehicles shows, as well as several of the Steam fairs and rallies which feature a range of vintage vehicles as well as the steam exhibits.

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List of Preserved AEC Militant trucks
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Registration No. Make-Model or type no Build-Year Engine-Make/Type Weight/class Chassis/Body type Owner
(if known)
Photo Were seen/Featured Other info
VSK 996 AEC Militant Mk ?  ?  ? 6x6 Timber tractor S. Bolton of Essex AEC Militant 6x6 VSK 996 at woolpit 09 - IMG 1463 At Woolpit Steam 2009
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