AEC Mercury
AEC Mercury 4x2 flat - JFL 677 at SYTR 11 - IMG 7930
Manufacturer AEC
Production ?
Assembly Southhall, London
Class Truck
Body style(s) Chassis cab, Tractor unit
Layout 4x2
AEC Mercury 4x2 - 785 BWJ + Carrimore trailer at SYTR 11 - IMG 7928

785 BWJ

AEC Mercury - 680GTM ex LBC at Bsnbury 2013 - IMG 0277

680 GTM

Military variantsEdit

AEC Mercury MKV Fueller (37 AD 03) at Brooklands - IMG 8414

AEC Mercury MKV 'Fueller' on display at Brooklands Museum

A Fuel tanker based on the AEC Mercury chassis design was built for RAF use in the 1960's.

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