Acieries du Nord (ADN) Northern Steelwoeks was a French Crawler tractor builder, from the post-war (1940s). The company built a range of crawler tractors.

A range of power units were used; including a 2.2 litre twin cylinder diesel built by the Georges Irat Co., and ADN's own 12.7 litre Four-cylinder and 19.1 litre Six cylinder.[1]

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  • ADN also built a 3 cylinder crawler titled the 61.
  • The 4 cylinder model was known as the 70, and the 6 cylinder was known as the 130.

Bruce L Fowkes comments From Australia:[2]

My father's company Fowkes Round and Murchie Pty Ltd imported these tractors into Australia after WW2. A number of the tractors were retailed, but several were used by the company in it's land clearing business. In my teens I operated these tractors on our own property, clearing land for cattle.

I operated the 70 more than the other models and can recall it's fantastic pulling power,certainly more than the caterpillar D68U that I also operated at the same time. The main downfall of the ADN however was it's single ratio transmission, giving it only four foward and one reverse gear. This made it very slow when reversing while sweeping windroes. Generally speaking the drive train on the ADN was not the same class as the power plant, the transmissions were prone to failure.

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