ACROS 530/535/540/560
Rostselmash ACROS 530 Combine harvester
Model history
Model introduced Unknown
Model discontinued Unknown
Model status Discontinued
Superseded by Unknown
Fuel type diesel
Power hp Unknown
Transmission type Unknown
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Fuel type diesel
Other info
Factories Rostov, Russia
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The Rostselmash Acros range of combine harvesters, is manufactured in Rostov, Russia by the Russian company of RostSelMash.

Arcos range historyEdit

For company history, see RostSelMash.
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  • The ACROS combine harvesters are equipped with the headers of the Power Stream series, with cutting width 6, 7 and 9 m being available. (It is claimed that the use of such headers reduces the shatter losses and ensures the constant feeding irrespective of operating conditions).[1]
  • The 5-key 7-section straw walker of ACROS processes the residual grain. The straw, containing a part of grain at the outlet of the threshing drum, is directed to straw walkers with the help of a stripper bitter.[2]

The grain mass, received from the concave and straw walkers, is exposed to a two-step сleaning system. The top and seed sieves are suspended on the levers with opposite stroke and different amplitudes, with the view of mutual balancing of inertia forces and obtaining of more regular grain level. The separate sieve adjustments allow to conform rapidly and precisely to different harvest conditions. Availability to resolve any problem

  • The ACROS harvesters are equipped with a Comfort Cab. Having got inside, you will see how comfortable the workplace can be. You will enjoy comfort, which really helps to work efficiently, with less effort and fatigue.

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Model rangeEdit

  • Acros 530 - ?
  • Acros 535 - ?
  • Acros 540 - ?
  • Acros 560 - ?

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