ACCO is an Italian Contractor owned by Umberto Acco from Portogruaro (Venice), has built some of the worlds largest machines. These were built for a huge project in Libya in the 1980s that was stopped by UN sanctions.

The Firm built a Bulldozer and a grader that were bigger than any of the current production machines from the big manufactures like Caterpillar and Komatsu. The firm has built about 20 various machines like a small grader (more small than the biggest), and a track platform to use in swamps.


This is a 1,300 hp (970 kW) monster powered by twin Caterpillar engines, and is bigger than the Komatsu D575 (1,050 hp (780 kW)) and the Caterpillar D11 (850 hp (630 kW)). After the failure of Acco's firm, this bulldozer has been sold to Mr. Valerio from Portogruaro, who has got a tractor collection. In mid 2012 the machine was moved to a new location.[1]


Greder acco

The ACCO Grader in storage

The Grader is a 24 ft monster with more power than the Caterpillar No.24 grader. After the failure of Acco firm the grader has been dismantled. The blade, the cab and the rear twin tyres have been sold in France. The chassis have been cut and scrapped during September-October 2012.

Another example of a small Acco's grader is still now on the squares of Acco firm.

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