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A&R 1913.jpg
A&R 3-Ton 1913
Model Details
Manufacturer Abendroth & Root Mfg. Co.
Introduced date 1912
Discontinued date 1915
Preceding model Frontenac
Production locations Newburg, New York, USA
Fuel gasoline
Cylinders 4
Displacement ci / L 350 ci
Gears F - R 3
Axle no. 2
Drive method chain drive
Capacity GVW tons 3 tons
Tires standard/optional solid-rubber
List price $4750 (1914)
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Abendroth & Root Mfg. Co. of Newburgh, New York, USA began making iron products in 1866. The company started making Frontenac cars and trucks in 1906. Around 1912 the brand name of the trucks was changed to A&R. The date of the change is a little uncertain because some sources show Frontenac trucks being built in 1913 and others list A&R trucks for 1912. Regardless of the date, the trucks were basically unchanged: 3-, 4-, and 5-ton forward-control models with 4-cylinder engines, 3-speed transmissions, and chain drive. The trucks were built until about 1915 with no apparent changes.

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