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A&B 5-Ton
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Model Details
Manufacturer American & British Mfg. Co.
Introduced date 1916
Discontinued date 1921
Production locations Providence, Rhode Island
Fuel gasoline
Cylinders 4
Displacement ci / L 399 ci
Drive Method
Gearbox_make engine driven generator
Gears F - R infinite
Axle no. 2 (fwd)
Drive axle make A&B with GE motors in each wheel
Capacity GVW tons 5-Ton
Tires standard/optional solid-rubber, 48"x3.5" dual front, 48"x5" dual rear
List price $4750 (1920)
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The American & British Mfg. Co. of Providence, Rhode Island, USA used the A&B trade name for gas-electric two-wheel tractor units it built for converting horse-drawn fire equipment into self-propelled units. The tractors used a 399ci 4-cylinder engine to power a GE electric motors in each wheel. Beginning in 1916 the company also built 3- and 5-ton 4-wheel trucks by adding a gooseneck attachment, drop-down frame, and rear wheels to the tractor unit. A&B production faded out after 1921.

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